Titanium Band 鈦金屬錶帶 ( 銀色 )

原價 HK$1,780.00 特價 HK$1,580.00 節省 HK$200.00
Titanium Band 鈦金屬錶帶 ( 銀色 )
Titanium Band 鈦金屬錶帶 ( 銀色 )
Titanium Band 鈦金屬錶帶 ( 銀色 )
Titanium Band 鈦金屬錶帶 ( 銀色 )
Titanium Band 鈦金屬錶帶 ( 銀色 )
Titanium Band 鈦金屬錶帶 ( 銀色 )

Designed for Apple Watch, Titanium Band has been engineered to be as light as possible while giving you the confidence of a high-end metal link bracelet. Leveraging the qualities of high-grade titanium, this is our strongest strap to date. Built with our custom lugs, this lightweight and robust strap can withstand the roughest of conditions.

  • Titanium links and buckle
  • Brushed silver finish
  • Custom stainless steel lugs
  • Tool included to adjust length
  • Titanium links and buckle
  • Brushed silver finish
  • Custom 316 stainless steel lugs
  • Resist a 5-20 kgf lateral slide-out force when installed in Apple Watch
  • Compatible with all 44mm / 42mm models/versions of Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Strap is one size fits most, designed for wrist sizes ranging from 135mm to 210mm
Intended use
  • Designed to be worn daily and resist the elements.

    Refined Design

    Titanium Band encompasses a modern take on a classic metal link bracelet. Designed with over twenty titanium links and a set of our custom lugs, this strap will elevate the look of any Apple Watch.

    Titanium Grade

    This band takes advantage of the natural properties of titanium, offering a smooth and lightweight structure while maintaining unprecedented resistance to the elements.

    silver and black clasp of Titanium Band adjacent to each other

    Ultra Slim Clasp

    The fully integrated titanium clasp is engineered to be as thin as possible while still providing a reliable closure. With up to ten removable links, you are able to customize the band length to fit any wrist.

    Black and Silver

    Designed with the classic Space Gray and Silver finishes in mind, Titanium Strap pairs perfectly with your Apple Watch.


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