Scratch Map Original 刮刮樂地圖(基本版)

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Scratch Map Original 刮刮樂地圖(基本版) | Luckies Of London
Scratch Map Original 刮刮樂地圖(基本版) | Luckies Of London
Scratch Map Original 刮刮樂地圖(基本版) | Luckies Of London
Scratch Map Original 刮刮樂地圖(基本版) | Luckies Of London
Scratch Map Original 刮刮樂地圖(基本版) | Luckies Of London

Scratch off a layer of the world

Imagine being able to subtly show off exactly where you've been on your holidays. With the Scratch Map, it's easy to make anyone who pops round feel jealous of exactly how well-travelled you are.

On first glance, it's a quite classy looking wall map, but if you carefully scratch off the places you've been on holiday, it reveals some lovely colourful and geographic detail. More importantly, it's perfect for letting everyone know how exotic, learned and very Palin-esque you are.

The top layer of the map is made of gold foil for easy scratching; you only need to rub it with the edge of a coin, scratch-card style, to reveal the gorgeous detail underneath.

This makes a super gift for anyone who's clocked up a few air miles in their time. This is a great talking point for wherever you might hang it.

The only problem might be the excessive amounts of money you'll have to spend on trotting around the globe so you can finally reveal that missing patch of Belize or Inner Mongolia that you so desperately want to see the detail of. Palin's one would be amazing - now there's a goal to work towards.


  • Scratch Map is a personalised map of the world
  • Scratch off the locations you've been to and reveal geographical detail and different colours
  • Great for the travelling person in your life
  • Forms a nice reminder of exactly where you've been in your life
  • Top layer is made of gold foil for easy scratching
  • Supplied in a protective tube
  • Suitable for well-travelled individuals aged 8+
  • Check out our collection of worldwide Scratch Maps


  • Dimensions: 61.5 (L) x 6.5cm (W) in tube
  • Dimensions: 59.4 (L) x 82.5cm (W)
  • Weight: 316g



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